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about my art

As I see it, all things creative are the pursuit of Spiritual Axioms


here is my story

I remember even as a child being fascinated by art and artists. Along with my brother Steven, we would draw for hours trying to emulate some of our favorite artists. Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Don Martin and all of the amazing artists of Marvel and D.C. comics. Growing up in the seventies and being an avid music fan I was exposed to the wonderful world of album cover art. From H.R.Giger's Brain salad surgery to Stanley Mouse's American Beauty all were images influencing my conscience and subconscious.

In my early twenties I entered the house painting trade. I was blessed with having a true artisan teach me. Bill Blaine of Village Green painting was my mentor. He taught me the artform of work itself. Workmanship and pride were values instilled in my years working for Village Green, without them my painting technique for art would never have come to fruition. John Seargant said "work is prayer" to me this means art can be found in any task in life.

Through the trade I was exposed to Trompe L'oeil and various decorative painting techniques. I was fascinated with woodgraining and marbleizing. I learned these finishes by hands on experience.

After twenty three years,and thousands of gallons I feel I have paid my dues to paint itself.

Somewhere in the year 2000 I made a conscience decision . To take all of my years of experience with paint and apply it to canvas and board. I have since, pursued my art.


about my paintings

When I work on a painting it's a dubious journey. I feel all art already exists before it is created. It's a matter of channeling it, becoming a conduit of a collective spirit

I try to tap into something primal, something inherent. There is no doubt that I have been influenced by art from many cultures. From cave paintings, Celtic to Aztec to African art

To me art is about connecting. If one of my paintings evokes an emotion on any level then I suppose the spiritual axiom is true, that we are all somehow connected.